Maintaining High Interactivity and Open UI in parallel (1)

Hi, folks! When Siebel upgrade process involves the activation of Open UI, there are usually someone that requires High Interactivity to be maintained for a while. They say that it minimizes risks until they confirm that all features are still working, and until their team receive adequate training. Scenario On changing… Read more »

Extending/Overwritting Browser Scripts capabilities

Hi, folks! At some point of a project (in one of our clients), Oracle told us that when upgrading Siebel from version to, the SetProfileAttr method would stop working (because of a security flaw), and that we should replace all function calls by a custom Business Service that… Read more »

UI Integration between Siebel and Legacy

Hi, folks! I can’t tell you that I think based on the market defaults, and based on best practices. So… even if this is not the best way (or the right way) to implement this kind of thing, I’ll not go on this issue. Scenario One of our customers has… Read more »

Olá, mundo!

Olá, pessoal! Esse é o nosso primeiro post, e quero aproveitá-lo para apresentar a idéia inicial desse blog: “Tentar dominar o mundo…” Brincadeiras à parte, utilizaremos esse meio para expor fatos e vivências sobre a Jarvis. Além disso, tentaremos compartilhar conhecimentos adquiridos em projetos por onde passamos. Serão fatos reais, sobre… Read more »